tutorial for make knitted sheep, in English

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tutorial for make knitted sheep, in English
Tutorial for make speeps from wool.

under numerous requests, I made ​​a tutorial in English.
I spent a full day of work. and I hope I have explained clearly - as I do my sheep.
this low price you pay will go to a good cause - for ice cream with my kids, pay for education and treatment of the daughter of my eyes.
Thank you very much.
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Materials Required

Boucle yarn about 12 -18 yards (5-7 Gr)
Size needles 4
Wooden beads 10 - 12 mm (0.4 - 05 in)
Felted balls 2-3 cm 0.8 1. 2 in
piece of felt
needle and thread to sew the color yarn
glass beads for eye
Stuffing (carded wool)

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