Kit to make waldorf 38-40 cm.

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Kit to make waldorf 38-40 cm.
One Waldorf doll maing kit includes:

- my own authorial pattern doll (possible variant)
- premade cotton tubing for head,
- 300 gr of pure organic wool for stuffing,
- 40X50 cm cotton knit fabric for doll skin,
- 3 m / 118 inch of strong craft thread for shaping the doll head,
- a piece of cotton cloth with carmine beeswax crayon on it for red doll cheeks.

or the first-time sewing of a doll I recommend doll making books by Karin Neuschütz, Sunnhild Reinckens or Freya Jaffke.

to finish the doll you will require an additional
sewing cotton
doll needles to embroider eyes and hair
yarn for hair, or wig

Convo mi for variations (eyse color).

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