Kit to make waldorf 36-38 cm.

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Kit to make waldorf 36-38 cm.
One Waldorf doll maing kit includes:
- my own authorial pattern doll (possible variant)
- premade cotton tubing for head,
- 200 gr of pure organic wool for stuffing,
- 40X50 cm cotton knit fabric for doll skin, + 20x30 cm lite quality cotton jersey
- 3 m / 118 inch of strong craft thread for shaping the doll head,

Available all 5 colours

0 beige
1 light peach,
2 peach,
3 cocoa,
4 dark Chocolate,

or the first-time sewing of a doll I recommend doll making books by Karin Neuschütz, Sunnhild Reinckens or Freya Jaffke.

free tutorial make waldorf dolls

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