Waldorf doll 10 inch for custom order

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Waldorf doll 10 inch for custom order
Waldorf doll 10’ (24cm), made of ecological natural materials, for children, Steiner Waldorf education.

made to Custom order
made in 1-3 weeks

additional accessories to the request
knitted(crochet) cup + scarf + 4 €
cotton skirt + 4 €
cotton pants + 5 €

This sweet one of a kind doll made with love and care to every detail.
i create myself all my patterns.
Her head and hands are made of knit cotton, her body made of cotton velour also hand painted by mamajudes with Eco colors [without heavy metals].
Her long hair is wool yarn bright blond stylable hair.
I hand stitch every single hair to her head in a way that the children can braid her hair easily.
Her eyes and mouth are hand embroidered with care.
crochet Cup and scarf
She can be a good friend to anyone that will take care of her.

Price: €65,00   
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