Teeswater lite yellow/ cream long wool locks

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Teeswater lite yellow/ cream long wool locks
washed Separated Teeswater long locks,

Silky, Teeswater locks purl and curl naturally, setting them apart from other fibers. It is pleasing to spin and felt.
1 oz
The locks about 10-12 " long and been separated from the fleece.

I adore the curls of this fleece. It comes from a friend's flock, so it is all the more special. As you can see from the photo they are squiggily, shine-a-licous, curly bundles of joy. Each lock has been lovingly separated and then tied in a bundle just for you.

If you are tail spinning, they are ready for you to fluff open the ends and spin over your core or as is. They are stinking cute as doll hair.

I have resist the urge to pet them each time I walk past them they are that gorgeous.
Price is for one of the 1 ounce bundles of joyful teeswater locks

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