Doll Body - Make your Waldorf doll.

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Doll Body - Make your Waldorf doll.
Kit for doll making 36-38 cm - 15 inch waldorf doll.
You can see the dolls that I do and you can make yourself your one

ready to ship doll color of body 1 e 2

This listing is for make ONE classic Waldorf doll that will be glad to be completed by you to your taste.
From this Doll Body You can do, what you want:
embroider your favorite eye color, your favorite hair color and hairstyle ...

like all Waldorf dolls by lafiabarussa, Doll Body is made from

cotton jersey fabric - 100% cotton
according to ÖKOTEX 100 standard without AZU colour dyestuffs

stuffed with pure clean and carded natural wool

The Doll Body will be placed on the customer's order within one week

choose the color of your doll's body out of 4 possible If you do not specify a color, then automatically I'll do the color number 1
The picture shows a finished doll jersey 1 and other of N 3 to complet

to finish the doll you will need an additional
Embroidery floss in for the eyes and the mouth
Yarn for hair
 free tutorial  come fare la bambola waldorf 

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